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Everyone has heard the stories before, but no one believes it will happen to them. Formaldehyde found in Lumber Liquidators flooring. “Toxic” drywall installed during the Hurricane Katrina rebuild. Too often, and often too late, safety and environmental issues have been found with Chinese imports. The results? At best, delays in completing projects and/or unexpected (and often devastating) costs to go back and replace the defective product. At worst, the end consumers can face chronic and/or severe health issues as a result of being exposed to the unsafe chemicals present in these products. 


The California Air Resource Board (CARB) standards were the first major standards in the US to dictate limits on formaldehyde emissions in many finished household goods, including cabinetry. These standards were the basis for the recently finalized US EPA standards for formaldehyde emissions.


Advanta Cabinets promises to provide peace of mind to its customers. A main pillar of this promise is to ensure all our products are safe to put in every project we’re a part of. Therefore, we are proud to be an ESP certified manufacturer. In addition to certifying cabinetry construction, the KCMA also offers an extensive Environmental Stewardship Program certification process to validate that a manufacturer’s products are, among other things, CARB2 compliant. This certification sets us apart from many other competitors as proof of our commitment to both the environment and the health and safety of our installers, customers, and end consumers.


KCMA’s ESP certification requirements can be reviewed in detail here, and a summary of the requirements are below.

  • Manufacturers must demonstrate their commitment to protect the environment as evidenced by a written policy statement.
  • It is mandatory that 100% of all particleboard, medium density fiberboard (MDF) and plywood used in the cabinets is CARB ATCM compliant for low-formaldehyde emitting panel products. These products also must be certified by CARB approved third-party certifiers to meet low formaldehyde emission standards
  • 80% of particleboard and MDF used in the cabinets contain 100% recycled or recovered fiber content.
  • A documented energy conservation program is in place
  • An active recycling program for process wastes is in place
  • All federal, state and local environmental requirements are observed
  • The manufacturer demonstrates community involvement and leadership through service or charitable organizations

Advanta Cabinets is committed to following environmentally responsible cabinetry manufacturing processes. We have a team in our production facilities who focuses on continually improving our product, both in terms of product quality and how to maximize our material yields and minimize waste. Have you taken a look at the i-beams we began installing in 2016? If not, check it out – we use scrap material to provide these low-cost, high-quality, and environmentally responsible braces in our base cabinets.


We also make sure all our suppliers meet or exceed CARB 2 and ESP requirements. If we happen to change a supplier between our annual certifications, Advanta always validates the wood components we’re purchasing are CARB2 compliant by sending out random samples for third-party testing before we will put the materials into production.


We hope you’re using our products for all your cabinetry needs, but if you’re using other lines, we encourage you to use the KCMA website to check their KCMA and ESP certification status ( to minimize your risk of an unwelcome surprise down the road. Our #1 priority is to provide beautiful, SAFE cabinetry to our customers and end consumers. We appreciate your trust and partnership.

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