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While price is often a major decision point when selecting cabinetry for a project, there are many reasons why paying a little more up front pays off in the long run. Selecting a cabinet line that is certified for both construction and environmental standards can save a lot of money down the road in replacement costs or reparations for faulty or unsafe product.

The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association is a national organization that provides a trusted, highly-valued certification process of kitchen and bath cabinets. To become KCMA certified, a manufacturer’s cabinets must pass a battery of tests to prove the cabinetry can withstand the normal wear and tear of regular use. Components tested as part of this certification process include: 

  • Strength of shelves (loaded at 15lbs per square foot, and remaining loaded for 7 days to verify integrity of shelves and shelving supports)
  • Strength of wall mounted cabinets (loaded with 600 lbs of weight gradually to verify mounted cabinets show no signs of failure)
  • Function of drawers and drawer mechanisms (drawers loaded at 15 pounds per square foot and operated through 25,000 cycles)
  • Function of doors and hinges ((opened and closed through a full 90-degree swing for 25,000 cycles)
  • Tolerance of finish when exposed to high heat, (cabinet door is placed in a hotbox at 120 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 percent relative humidity for 24 hours)
  • Tolerance of finish when exposed to water and detergent (cabinet door edge is subjected to exposure to a standardized detergent formula for 24 hours)
  • The complete list of testing requirements can be reviewed here. 

All of Advanta’s products are KCMA certified. Yes, all of them! And that is not something all manufacturers can say, especially imported products. Many manufacturers have one or two products that qualify for KCMA certification, yet they advertise themselves as a KCMA certified manufacturer. We encourage you to always verify your selected product is KCMA certified. The KCMA provides an easy look-up tool for you to check a manufacturer’s / product’s KCMA certification status:

Here’s another important caveat to KCMA certification – ready-to-assemble (RTA) or “flat pack” cabinetry cannot be KCMA certified if it is assembled on the job site. Those cabinets can only be certified if they are taken to an assembly facility to be put together and then delivered to the job site fully assembled. So if your cabinets are being put together on the job site, they do not qualify as KCMA certified!

Advanta’s KCMA certification is proof of what we already know – we produce high-quality, well-constructed cabinetry every day. We are proud to be your partner and that you trust us to provide the cabinetry for your projects. 

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