Product Announcement: Origins Construction Availability

Our Origins Premier and Origins AllWood construction series were introduced several years ago in response to growing requests for NAUF products to address concerns about consumer exposure to formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products. Since then, CARB ATCM (known better as CARB or CARB II) standards have become much more prevalent in the market.  CARB II is a set of stringent standards in effect in California which limit the amount of formaldehyde off-gassing from composite wood products. The EPA is finalizing guidelines for a national standard on formaldehyde emissions that mirror CARB standards, with the final rules expected to be published later this year. At Advanta Cabinets, we have adopted these standards for all of our products.

The need for green cabinetry options is certainly not going away; however, as more projects move to specifying products that meet CARB standards, NAUF job requirements have steadily declined. Because of this, after careful consideration of the demands of our customers and the market, our Origins (NAUF) construction series will now be available by special order only. Requests for Origins will be reviewed on a project-by-project basis to determine if we can meet the customer’s needs for that specific job. This change will be effective on contracts, orders, and bids dated June 1, 2015 or later. Signed contracts that specify Origins will be honored through completion.

For more information on how CARB II compares to NAUF and what that means for your projects, please click here.

Please contact your sales representative or reach out to us at with any questions.

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